Web Design

Using HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop and Illustrator to create websites for clients.


Digital Art

I've been using Photoshop since 1996
and I haven't stopped.


Comic Art

I started working for Marvel Comics in 1980. I was an inker from 1989 - 2001


My name is Harry Candelario. I read my first comic book when I was 11 years old, I was blown away by the art and once I learned that it was actually drawn by people, (and I was a people) I was hooked. I started drawing and never stopped. I got into the High School of Art & Design in NYC and 2 months after graduation I started working at Marvel Comics. I worked for various departments until I landed in the "Bullpen" and worked there for a few years. I continued to hone my drawing skills and fulfilled my dream by becoming "a comic book artist" and did that for the next 13 years. I was more comfortable as an inker than a penciller, it was loads of fun and I was better at it than pencilling because of my attention–to–detail personality.

In 1996 I was introduced to Photoshop. It was love at first sight. Comic book work was becoming harder to come by (so many talented artists—so few jobs) I started concentrating on computer graphics and once I heard about the web and web design…I was 11 years old all over again.

I built my first website in 2 days after I got a copy of Adobe Pagemill, it came free with the printer I bought. I noticed the software had many limitations, so I soon started learning to write HTML & CSS. During this time I had to supplement my income so I started doing MAC repair. Making house-calls and setting people up with home office networks. This led to bigger jobs, working for companies as a part-time MAC IT guy, mostly in New York City. I never needed to advertise, my reputation spread simply by word of mouth.

During this time I was still learning everything Adobe and building websites. I was mostly using Adobe Golive for websites. I became too dependent on the software as far as coding was concerned. My wake up call came when I was told I didn't get a job because I wasn't familiar enough with hand-coding. After that I went back to basics and started hand-coding again. Everything improved dramatically.

Now I'm living in North Carolina, working mostly on web design. I started using Wordpress in 2009 and I love it.

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Web Design

I love my job! I build websites. If I'm not working on a project at the moment, then I'm probably planning the next one.
I start out by doing pencil sketches and then mocking them up in Photoshop. Then it's off to Coda and CSSedit to build it. Whether it's an HTML site or Wordpress I try to be as creative as possible while at the same time giving the client what they want. I even do 1 on 1 Wordpress training so they can update their own sites with confidence.

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Digital Art

I use Photoshop every single day, but I don't usually get the chance to create digital art. I'm more of a Photoshop "go-to guy"
That said, I don't have many "art pieces" but here are just a few that I've done.

  • th-hero-art-sketch

    This is the final approved sketch done by
    Andy Kuhn.

  • th-hero-art-vector

    This is the vector drawing done completely in Illustrator.

    I took Andy Kuhn's sketch and basically inked it in Illustrator.

  • th-hero-art-color

    This was done for Western Reserve Life Assurance Co.

    The color for this was done in Photoshop. when finished the file was half a Gb.

  • th-dansparks

    When Dan found out what we wanted to do, he posed for a few pictures

    this is the one we decided to use

  • th-dan_sparks-pencil This is Hector Collazo's pencil drawing of Dan Peters. There were no corrections needed. He nailed it on the first try.

  • th-dan_sparks

    I used Photoshop to paint Hector's pencil art. I used the photo of Dan for the jeans, toolbox and the drill.

    This was loads of fun to do

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  • th-dan-flatscreen-pencil

    Hector Collazo strikes again. Dan didn't pose for this picture for obvious reasons.

  • dan-flatscreen

    This is 99% finished".
    I showed Dan the camouflage toolbox and now he wants one

  • dan-flatscreen-detail

    Here's a close-up view of me getting carried away with Photoshop

    I created a Photoshop action of the camo effect. Download a zip of it here

  • th-imac-G4

    This was done for no particular reason. I was fixing Macs for a living at the time and I just loved the way this version of the iMac looked.

  • th-lupe

    When I worked in the Marvel Bullpen
    I used one of these on a daily basis.

    It was sitting on my desk so I decided to draw it in photoshop

  • th-pushpin

    Someone asked me for a photo of a pushpin, I didn't like any of the ones I found, so I made this one in Photoshop.

    I kinda got carried away with the realism a bit

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Comic Art

I started working at Marvel Comics 2 months after graduating from the High School of Art & Design on East 57th street in NY.
I worked in the Bullpen from 1980 to 1989. By 1989 I was an inking assistant for Mark Texeira and Bob Layton. From then on I was a freelance inker until 2001. Some of the titles I worked on were Quasar, X-Force, X-Men 2099, Marvel Adventures and the short lived Spiderman Unlimited, just to name a few.

  • th-MCP-my-cover

    A Marvel Comics Presents cover I penciled and inked

  • th-x2099-cover29

    Cover to
    X-Men 2099 #29
    pencils Ron Lim

  • th-Xforce-18

    Splash to X-Force #18.
    Pencils Greg Capullo.

    Marvel made t-shirts out of this one

  • th-ironman256

    Ironman #256 pencils John Romita Jr.

    This is the only time i ever inked him.

    This is the one that started it all for me.

  • th-AmSpiderman423

    Amazing Spider-man pencils Joe Bennett

  • th-champs-ann

    X-Force & Champions Annual.
    pencils Terry Shoemaker

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  • th-MA-12_9

    Marvel Adventures
    #12 page 9
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-MA-12_19

    Marvel Adventures
    #12 page 18
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-MA_silversurfer

    Marvel Adventures #16
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-MA_silversurfer2

    Marvel Adventures #16
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-MA-Juggernaut

    Marvel Adventures #14
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-MA-Juggernaut2

    Marvel Adventures #14
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-Beast-HC2

    The Beast mini-series
    pencils Hector Collazo

  • th-SMUN-01-08

    Spider-man Unlimited #1 page 8
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-SMUN-05-09

    Spider-man Unlimited #5 page 9
    pencils Andy Kuhn

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  • th-SMUN-05-10

    Spider-man Unlimited #5 page 10
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-Quasar32-21

    Quasar #32 page 21
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-quasar36-6

    Quasar #36 page 6
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-Quasar38-06

    Quasar #38 page 6
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-xforce-16

    X-Force #16 page 1
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-xforce-18-boom

    X-Force #18 page 22
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-xforce-21

    X-Force #21 page 13
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-xforce-23

    X-Force #23 page 9
    pencils Greg Capullo

  • th-Quasar39-14

    Quasar #39 page 14
    pencils Steve Lightle

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  • th-quasar39-25

    Quasar #39 page 25
    pencils Steve Lightle

  • th-cable96

    Cable #96 page 14
    Pencils Michael Ryan

  • th-domino

    Domino mini-series
    pencils David Perrin

  • th-x2099-15-20

    X-Men 2099 #15 page 20
    pencils Ron Lim

  • th-x2099-23-2

    X-Men 2099 #23 page 2
    pencils Ron Lim

  • th-x2099-motorcycle

    X-Men 2099 #30 page 17
    pencils Ron Lim

  • th-makeup2

    This is my ink rendition of Norman Rockwell's "Summer Stock". I loved the painting and I just had to do it. This was later used as a pin-up in Will Allred's "Diary of Night" #1

  • th-MA-20_16-17

    Marvel Adventures #20 pages 16-17
    pencils Andy Kuhn
    This was never published

  • th-SMDeadlyTBP

    Deadly Foes of Spider-man collection cover
    pencils Joe Madureira
    Marvel made t-shirts and posters of this.

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  • th-Quasar32-spread

    Quasar #32 pages 10-11  pencils Greg Capullo
    This was the first double page spread I ever did. I had so much fun inking it.

  • th-SMUN-04-12-13

    Spider-man Unlimited #4 page 12-13
    pencils Andy Kuhn

  • th-XForce-annSpread

    X-Force Annual #1 1992  pencils Greg Capullo
    I remember drinking lots of coffee when I was inking this